In many sizes and shapes.

The leaflet is better known today under the term "flyer" and is also in the age of digital media an infrastructure tool to include events, products or campaigns. Flyers are tangible, cost effective, and truthful!

With our personal and professional gestural flyers you can also advertise at trade fairs, also in relation to your products or in relation to. When designing, we are always responsible for your corporate design, as well as the industry-specific colors and shapes.

Flyer DIN lang - A popular format

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Distribution of your flyers.

At delivery points or as direct mail.

Would you like to draw the attention of many people to your products, offers or events? We have a list of over 100 display points (Bremerhaven area) ready for you, where we can display your advertising for you. Another option is direct mail. Select your desired distribution area and your flyers, advertising cards or leaflets will reach your consumers' mailboxes without any detours. From 1,000 pieces, depending on the distribution area - only around 0.1 euros per household.